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The Need for Appreciation

As Christians and as people, our need for appreciation of the resources we possess is vital to a healthy society, and evermore than just that.  It constitutes a healthy relationship with God, for what he has provided us here on Earth.  So why does this question of our, the citizens of the United States, appreciation come into view.  Simply put, because of our societies overall disconnect with our natural world, and the source of which our food and other necessities come from.  The source of our food ultimately does not come from the grocery store, but from God!  And yes we know this intellectually, but our vast disconnect as a society, from the source, founded in nature and provided by God and also the disconnect from the process which brings our food and other necessities to a finished product fit for use or consumption….. this creates a lack of appreciation from which and how it comes into our lives.  How can we truly appreciate, that which we are ignorant of.

A thought that comes to mind, when considering my own actions, is would I continue to over indulge in my protein consumption if I were the one slaughtering the chickens, cows, pigs, etc. to provide me with the copious amounts of meat for my satisfaction.  I dare say that having to slaughter my own meat would indeed change my reality, and my level of appreciation for which the food was provided….So what does all this mean?   Do we all have to start butchering our own meat and growing our own crops?  Of course not.  But we do need to become more connected as a society to where our food and resources are coming from.  Our collective connection and understanding where are food and resources come from help us to deeply appreciate them and create a desire for responsible consumption.  It also helps ensure that the resources are being derived in a just and ethical way, we know this is in question in our world today.

There are many more thoughts I have on the subject and I plan on writing more soon.  Please share your thoughts.  Thanks Daniel.