Hello and thank you for checking out my blog.  This site is intended to create positive discussion about various relevant topics of our world today.  To bring thought provoking dialogue to the table, in a new light.  You are encouraged to post comments on the blogs posted and if interested, to post your own articles(please contact me DanielJosiahSmith@gmail.com).


Daniel“Hello, my name is Daniel and I love the outdoors.  Recently, I have become interested in foraging, particularly mushrooms.  There are so many cool things this world has to offer from the great outdoors to the world wide web.  I am a Christian, and am thankful for the freewill each person has been given by God.  Religion, is a great topic to discuss and debate, which can deepen our understand of what is truth and our own personal faith.  I encourage a healthy dialogue of religious debate on this blog.  There are many things we can learn from each other, and when faced with difficult questions of our day, we can dig deep into the root of the issue and walk away with a greater understanding of what is true… if we so choose.”


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